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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Here is little FAQ for people who are concerned about software support for the N8 and Symbian^3:

- Will the N8 be able to run all the apps and games that are already made for S60 5th?

YES! Symbian^3 is backwards compatible while also having the new native Qt system integrated into the OS. So, essentially you can say the Symbian^3 is a hybrid since it has both the S60/Avkon system AS WELL AS the new Qt system.
Symbian^3 will behave differently in respect to older versions, a single tap will now be used to select an entry, instead of highlighting it. This also means that code has to be adepted.

- Will apps written in Qt for the N8 / Symbian^3 run on future Symbian^4 devices?

YES! That's one of cardinal ideas behind Qt, the aim is to throw out S60/Avkon in Symbian^4.

- Will Qt apps also run on older S60 5th devices?

YES! With an automatic download of the Qt libraries through a smart installer, this will work also. The user shouldn't notice anything.

- Will developers writing Qt apps for the N8 be able to publish them for Maemo/Meego devices?

YES! The Qt SDK supports building the SAME source-code for both platforms. Qt works in exactly the same way across Maemo/Meego, Symbian^3 and Symbian^4. Even games written in Qt and OpenGL ES can be build and hence work on those platforms.
Note that this is source code compatibility, not binary compatibility. Apps will have to be recompiled, and binaries for one platform will not work on another one.

Also note that Symbian C++ engines and code that uses Symbian API's cannot be used on MeeGo without porting them to Standard C++ and Linux.