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Lightbulb Regarding E72

I assume you are refering to the WiFi connections through access points:

1.WLAN Wiz (Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and Connection > Wireless LAN) worked just fine for me. Before running that I did only one thing: Added one Destination named 'WiFi'. While the Wiz was running, I searched and selected the WLAN and supplied the WEP Key.
In fact I have stored the WEP key in a text file, opened the file, copied it into the memory (Ctrl-C), when it was demanded, I pressed back space key first then pasted from memory (Ctrl-V). Then I selected 'WiFi'. That's it! I started browsing.

2. But while installing the email accounts I have faced a problem. I had to remove all my WiFi Connections, make the Mobile provider's GPRS connection only active for Internet; tested it; then started setting up email. Once the email accounts were in place, I went back to the above point no: 1

If this can be of any help.