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I'm glad to announce we've just released a new update for Papyrus, version 0.9.02.

You can read more and download the new release for free from the following URL:

What's new in Papyrus version 0.9.06?

* Categories support added.
* New categories field added on the new/edit appointment dialog showing all categories selected for an item.
* New "Set categories" dialog added allowing to choose categories to appointments. Enter the dialog by clicking the joy-pad enter button on the new/edit appointment dialog.
* Color selection dialog added.
* New "Add category" option added on options menu inside the new category select view.
* New "set color" option added on categories list dialog, allowing to set a color to each category.
* New "Remove color" option added on the categories list dialog, allowing you to remove the color defined to a category.
* New line displayed as a "box" on the "view appointment" dialog fixed.
* Categories list added on view appointment dialog.
* Last dashed line after last appointment on the daily view removed.
* Additional gap on "view appointment" dialog if there is not location removed.
* New diamond icon added on monthly view to mark days with all day events.
* New present icon added on the monthly view for days that include anniversary events.