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Question N95 killer apps recommendations

Hi Guys n Girls

I've just upgraded from N73 to N95 (upgraded to Version 12)

I use my mobile for listening to Music
Taking Pictures
Watching Utube
Listening to Podcasts
And as a pim. for calendar and contacts , aniverseries etc
And running Tomtom 6
Watching TV
Watching movies

In the past i have used Mobilcast (comes with three phones) for podcasts
Before i put that on my N95 has anyone got better suggestions

I would like to download Videocasts (Vodcast?) again any suggestions of program and download sites?

Also with regard to pictures can anyone suggest a good album program, instead of the Nokia one, i don't want to have to scroll through loads of pictures to find the one i want...i just want to put them into albums and make it photo editing needed

What about an RSS reader?

As for the movies i will convert using Super, as for watching them, I assume Real Player will do

Im fairly competent at installing apps and have been using pc's for twenty years so happy with that side of things. And i have an unlimited download package

Also i'm happy to actually PAY for good quality bug-free programs....

Thanks in advance for your advise