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I recently came back from a trip to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal for 17 days with my N97. My wife brought her laptop with her so I didn't use the N97 exclusively over any other device. The reason I decided to get a smartphone was for this trip.

I actually didn't get the smartphone to remain connected. I got it primarily for the GPS app available on the N97 with its free turn-by-turn navigation. On that point, the N97 performed admirably. I am rather familiar with the streets of Toronto as I did quite a bit of driving the last time I was there. Ottawa and especially Montreal would have been extremely difficult to navigate without a GPS. I even took a trip to Niagara on the Lake.

The connectivity was something that I really appreciated having even when back here in Vancouver. It was most useful while waiting at the airport and when the tennis matches I was going to see were rained out in Montreal. I'm addicted to the push email as I really like it when I am notified when I receive an email.

The N97 was rather rugged. You can see a few dents and chips on the outer chasis where I dropped it or where it landed when it fell off my car mount (because I forgotten to tighten the car mount). Once, I thought I destroyed it when it broke in three pieces after dropping from a meter onto my kitchen floor. Fortunately, one piece was the back cover and the second was the battery. (Whew!) I got rained on while in Toronto in the middle of a match. The phone got a little wet, but it still worked without any problems.

The readability of the screen was good in the sun. I didn't have any problems reading the display in the sun at all.

I did bring a digital camera with me for times when I expect to take pictures. Carrying an extra device is a little troublesome. Occasionally, I did not have the camera with me, so I took pictures and video with my N97. There is going to be a difference between the 5MP N97 and the 14.5MP Lumix camera. Still, the quality is adequate for me.

The shortcomings I felt the N97 has is the battery life. On the 4.5 hour flight, it didn't seem as if the battery will last the whole flight and my power adapter was in my checked luggage. I had been using it at the airport waiting for my flight as well. I read the magazine to conserve my battery. Occasionally, the battery just doesn't last an entire day of heavy use, even at home.

I can relate to the feel of the resistive touch screen. I had difficulties with it when I first got my N97. I figured out that it is best to use my finger nail rather than my finger tip for dragging objects or swiping. I just got used to doing that. I do see many people having difficulties with dragging and swiping if they are not used to resistive touch screens, especially those used to capacitive touch screens. I think they should call resistive touchscreens "press screens" because you actually have to press down rather than simply touch it.

I can deal with the low memory issues with my use of the N97. For me, Skyfire is the most memory demanding app that I use. Most of the time I use Opera Mini. When I want to look at video from a web site, I use Skyfire and know that I have to shut down other apps before Skyfire runs. It's annoying, but nothing that I cannot get around.

The sluggishness of the N97 is also something I gotten used to after using it for half a year. I know that when I start Opera Mini, it takes a few seconds before the title screen even appears. I've used other, newer phones which are much smoother in their responsiveness.

I had considered upgrading to something else. What stopped me was the cost of a new device so soon after I purchses the N97. Also, I have invested a great deal of time and effort in configuring the N97 to get it to run in a usable manner (for me at least). I think I want to get more use out of my effort before starting over again with a new device. In any case, I have heard of issues or shortcomings with the other devices that I am intrested in getting and some of them are show stoppers for me.