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Originally Posted by Graham30 View Post
Hi all,

Just got my N97 and so far so good apart from one thing.

I can't find where to send the contacts via bluetooth. On my old phone I could send them all to my hands free kit via bluetooth but I can't find this option on the N97

Can anybody help ?



It is very easy and simple to send all/some NOKIA contacts to other device via bluetooth.
First you can’t send by mobile bluetooth. Easy way is pc suite or OVI.
1- Clean/delete all my Samsung Galaxy contats
2- I select all NOKIA contacts in OVI (Ctrl +A).
3- File -> Export contacts ”Choose location for contact export” for some folder (example” C:\Contacts”)
4- Active your target device bluetooth (I use Samsung Galaxy S3)
5- Click File Transfer “Send files to the (Samsung)phone “In Windows Bluetooth Device Control ( in my Win 7) “

Now you can enjoy and use it/them.

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