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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

You got a few points wrong mate.

iTunes has been DRM free for quite a while and it allows the importing of .wma files almost from the beginning as long as they were not DRM'd by Microsoft. Do you really think that Apple could not include multi-tasking in any of the iPhones? They way they implemented it in iOS4 seems to be a better implementation that is not a burden on the battery. Why multi-task when not needed? What is locked to one platform?

How exactly is Apple screwing the operator by making FaceTime only wifi? Do you mean in that they are not allowing the operators to charge for the data that FaceTime would use?

FaceTime will go over 3G later. Jobs mentioned this. The difference between Apple and Nokia is that generally Apple likes to make sure that software works as opposed to having its customers become beta testers.
I am quite well aware that there are songs that are DRM free on iTunes. At least the last time I checked you could still choose between DRM'd music or not (The latter one being tiny wee bit more expensive.)

You do have a good point in how the "multitasking" in Apple may be better for the battery but for the sake of argument why did Apple decide to have "real multitasking" implemented partially then?
The thing is that people do and want to do several things at once e.g. listening to Pandora while surfing the web. This can't be done by the iPhone today.

I'm not going to go into details about being locked to one platform, but if you really are interested you can search for the topic plus EU regulations. (To be fair Microsoft also have done this more or less).
The point is that you have to e.g. activate your iPhone through iTunes which seems ridiculous in my eyes.
(I will and do give credit to Apple for making iTunes so userfriendly.)
Other things that make me dislike Apple in general is how they do things.
Example 1 and Example 2

Yes, I did mean that operators can't benefit of FaceTime if it's wifi only. This of course is because Apple products have the "cool factor" and hence can allow themselves to just do as they want and let others apply to their rules.