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he idea that 3G videocalls have flunked because they were hideously expensive is plainly not true. There are some countries where they may be many times the cost of a voice-only call, but there are many countries where it costs only slightly more, or even just the same.

And do you know? Price makes absolutely no difference. Nobody, anywhere uses them, at any price. I would not be surprised if they remained just as impopular if they became cheaper than voice.

And it is not a matter of quality, either. If watching a talking face added any value at all, we would put up mediocre image. And anyway, 3G coverage is good enough to give you a fine experience almost anywhere (the park, the supermarket, the subway) without the need to search for a free-wifi-equipped cafe.

Videocall itself is in general a BAD idea, except maybe for spaced in time, scheduled family telemeetings. Restricting them to the iPhone4 over WiFi won't make it any better, save for those brainwashed into thinking that if it comes from Apple, then it is a creative strike of genius.