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I've set it up exactly how it's meant to be done, as per these instuctions using IMAP, however, whenever I setup auto retrieval, my phone then proceeds to download ALL my gmail emails which takes forever and causes the phone to crash.
Hmm... if you're using Gmail, you might want to try POP instead. That easily lets you make the phone only download new emails, and ignore existing emails.


1. Go to your Gmail account on the website, go to the settings section and choose POP, selecting the option for only downloading new emails from now on.

2. Set up the Gmail POP account on your phone using the tutorial's instructions.

That should solve your problem, and there's not really any practical difference between using POP or IMAP on the 5800. POP accounts work fine with the email alert system too.

what's wrong with it? OK half the screen is taken up by the navpad... but otherwise its OK..
Google's email java app isn't yet optimised for touchscreen phones, so there's a virtual keypad displayed by default.

also, I get a vibrating alert every time I get new email... not sure where I control this though? I looked in the settings in Application Mgr but nothing there in the GMail settings
I don't know how the Gmail app controls ringtones etc. Presumably Google's support site might help?

But like I said, the app really isn't optimised for the 5800 yet. I would strongly recommend using other email methods until a proper 5800 version of the app is released.