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Originally Posted by graph View Post

I have a Nokia 5800 on the way from Vodafone UK as a contract upgrade and was wondering if they come already unlocked? I have heard that Vodafone send all contract phones already unlocked, and if they aren't, you can have them unlocked for free by calling them and getting a code. My question is, would there be any advantage of going to a shop and having them unlock it using a cable or another method?

I plan to "hack" the SymbianOS using HelloOX or another method, would there be any difference if I had it unlocked via code?

If it is locked and Vodafone will unlock it for free, then do that.
Unlocking by cable/hack box invalidates the warranty - IF Nokia find out.

Once unlocked, HelloOX etc will work fine, regardless of how it was unlocked.
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