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Its becoming increasing competitive

The fact of the matter is Nokia is facing stiff competition from both Asian and American manufacturers. Whats more challenging is there is not short term strategy in place to beat competition. Let me explain.

Flag Ships:

Have a look at the flagships from Apple, HTC and Palm. You just can't call N97 a better phone because it does "multitasking"..Hey, thats not a MUST HAVE feature. Its just something that Apple doesn't have so its become important for geeky comparison.

To be in the premium its not enough that you put in more flash memory, The early adopters need innovative software (aka eye candy).

And talking about hardware...Nokia probably can't source it...Thats why their phone with the snapdragon chip will come only in Feb 2010.

Emerging markets:
Here Nokia will only gain from Volume growth, But that means lower margins. Sadly, it wont be long for the Koreans and Taiwanese to penentriate the mindshare that Nokia has built over years.

What are left with Europe:
Execpt for the Nokia "Fan Boys" , Who are just old men, The actual younger generation has moved. They no longer find Nokia the innovative handset manufacturer it was (Last seen with N95)

There are some serious questions. Why Maemo, Does that mean symbian is no longer a "Smartphone OS", Why Maemo when Android is around.

Come'on U want to get capacitive multi touch in 2010 and compete with iPhone OS and Android. U should be kidding!!!!