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nokia sales

2009 as been very bad year for Nokia an they do not seem to want to compete in the Top Class mobiles an seem more bothered about the cheaper price mobile,we thought they would release much better mobiles to show they are still the Best ,but we have not at all ,they did not want to compete with the Top Class Camera mobiles as Samsung an Ericsson were showing Nokia up,an then we get a Cheap idea from Nokia using the N85 body an put a 8 mega-pixel camera on it,an that was well below par from Nokia,an the N86 is not mobile that will attract alot of people as its not really out standing,Now we get the 12 mega=pixel camera mobiles but were are Nokia again letting its fans down an no sign of Nokia want to compete again,they better realise Nokia people will start buy other mobile instead of theres if they do not change there ideas or sales will drop down further