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Hold off installing Ovi Maps 3?!

I'm running a year license Nokia Maps 2.0 on my E71 version 200.21.118 and dissatisfied with how Nokia's been rolling its latest Ovi Maps version. The Nokia Maps downloader on the PC asked for an update - I did update it and now it says it doesn't recognise my device (because Im still running Nokia Maps 2.0) Noway I can install the old version of Map uploader PC application can I?

I don't want to install Ovi Maps 3.0 because of the following reasons:

- Fear of loosing my Nokia Maps 2.0 year subscription

- Complicated to install Ovi maps 3, gotta delete maps folder when I can't get PC Map uploader to work

- Lots of bugs and issues that's far from being fixed on the E71 200.21.118 - like slow GPS lock etc. I googled around.

I feel "forced" by Nokia to upgrade to Ovi Maps 3.0 because the PC Map application is telling me to install it.
What should I do?

Should I wait till next firmware update of Ovi Maps till it becomes more stable or is it already working really well on E71 devices on firmware version 200.21.118. What happens to my license? Is it worth upgrading to a more buggy software with more features or sticking to a mature one a bit longer?