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Personally, what I'd really like for Sports Tracker would be the option to define some new activities with the GPS _disabled_.

#1: as a simple pedometer. I'd like to know how many steps I've made through the day, without it keeping my GPS position. In this case, I don't particularly need the heart rate monitor.

#2: as a dedicated heart rate device. For static exercise (i.e., elliptical machine, strength training), I'd really like to have a record of my heart rate. It'd tell me how hard I'm working, where my limits are, etc. Having the option of adding other meta-data into the exercise would be great, though not necessary.

These two use cases would, I think, appeal to a much wider audience. I use Sports Tracker for walking, and it's a terrific app. I've thought about the heart rate monitor, and may still grab it .. though the addition of a "disable GPS" option would speed me towards the purchase.