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Locking problems

John the Monkey, megapack162

Thanks for the tips. It got me to check the settings, where I've realized I've left the AGPS switched off after holiday abroad. I'll check when I ride next, and if that doesn't help, I'll try the wifi setting.

One other observation: new sports tracker lets you import the uploaded workouts, but they request the login details. This means they have your Ovi login, right? I've tried both pre-Ovi login sports tracker login and Ovi one. Wonder what gets imported. Also what if one keeps uploading tracks after import was requested. Guess I should ask the new team...

Wonderful app though. Only feature I'm missing is some kind editing. I always forget to stop logging at the end of the ride - too exhausted to think of that. Continued logging screws off the stats, though. It would be nice to cut off the extra time.