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Hi Aidan,

This is what I use to keep my open N95-1 / N86 dry whilst running, it has a fully transparent front which remains soft to the touch (even when wet or snowy) so button presses are as easy as holding it in your hand (touch screens should be the same), it's guaranteed to be watertight at depths of up to 15 feet deep and is bouyant.

I use it to train whether it's sunny, raining or snowing and do cross country that involves ponds, ditches or streams that can be up to 3 feet deep.
I found their website after drowning my N95-1 in muddy ditch water (it was strapped to my upper arm in an i-pod touch case and open to the elements).

Well worth the 30.


hi alun,

thanks for the link. certainly looks like what i've been after. do the case fixtures allow for you to strap your phone to your wrist?