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Hi henck

I had a problem (as have others) with Sports Tracker freezing (with timer still running, but no other data). It turned out that it was because the access point was set to my home wifi network. I presume Sports Tracker was attempting to find the access point, which it obviously couldn't do whilst away from home. The same problem will occur if the access point is set to anything else (such as my mobile phone providers web service), other than "none". The answer is to set the access point to none. (I then have to change it when uploading the workouts to the web service, but just have to remember to reset it to none before my next workout).

Now, I don't know about your particular situation, but my guess is that your phone is trying to upload the associated photos to the web service, and when not finding the access point, is freezing. I would therefore set the access point to "none" in the general settings, and in the options for workouts, set "live sharing" to "no".

When I take photos en route, the camera is set to "Record Location" "on", this automatically gps tags photos. When I have finished the workout and upload the workout to the web, it asks me if I want to find associated media, which I do, it then finds the photos and uploads them. I don't actually have to do anything for each photo as I take it.

So, set your access point to none, and try the other things I have suggested - let me know if it works.