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Peter Sulzer
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Arrggghhhh! Still not possible to upload Python programs :-| Python for S60 is the master piece of Nokia. (At least) The Runtime should be included in any new S60-Phone. Python enables most people who have programming experience in any language (BASIC, OPL, C, C++) to write excellent programs for S60. Please note: Even if you can program in C++ (like me), that doesn't mean that you can program for Symbian. It's a steep learning curve and installing the SDK is a nightmare (you need a special Active State PERL version, which is no more available, need the GNU-Development chain, ...).

With Python you install Python 1.4.5 (because of PED) and Python 2.0 on your phone (2.0 also on your PC), install the Python IDE PED (on your phone!). Then you write your scripts on the phone, start and test it directly from within PED. When ready, you test it with 2.0, send it to your PC, where you have installed the Python-Kit from Nokia, start the PyS60 Application Packager (GUI-Program) and create a ".sis".

For the first time you distribute your programs, currently (at least for S60 3rd FP1) it's necessary to deliver the Python Runtime and pips.sis (included in the PC installation), which any user must install, before he can install Python scripts (afaik for 3rd ED FP2 onwards it's possible to include runtime and pips in the sis). It's really that simple. You can find some examples from me on in the "Programmierer Forum". The runtime is in Calcapp.sis, the other program is a interface to the Symbian inbuild SQL database. I have both tested on Nokias RDA on N97 (S60 5th), they worked - I am using an E90 communicator.

Last but nut least: Python programs using appuifw (you can also write command line programs) look like native S60 Applications and start much faster than Java-Midlets.