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Originally Posted by brendand View Post

Class 2 Micro SDHC cards do not * guarantee* a throughput of 2Mb's per second. That's a theoretical upper limit. It's in fact much slower than that (trust me, I've done extensive scientific tests). If a Class 2 card was shipped with the Vivaz/Vivaz Pro then that's a mistake by Sony Ericsson. If they didn't give you one and you chose to use a Class 2 that's a mistake (on your part)
The class 2 card was shipped with the Vivaz Pro review unit.

My experience to date has been that Micro SDHC cards have gone much faster than their class would imply, and therefore thought that the class should be a reliable indicator of minimum speed. My tests in the past have been to look at performance by transferring files via rsync, with batches of files with increasing average file sizes (i.e. a group of small, medium, and large).

Although, I've only done this with a very limited sample of cards and I didn't benchmark the card with the Vivaz Pro. It was up to Sony Ericsson to present their device to me, as a reviewer, in the best possible light. They saw fit to send me one with a class 2 card, and so I reviewed it as is.
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