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I must say the vast discrepancy between talk and reality is quite amusing really. Browsing the nonsense in the comments here you'd think Symbian was rapidly on the way out. You do all realise it's so far in advance of Android (it's nearest competitor) it's just not funny? Apart from the installed Symbian based of 350 million+ (vs what? - 10 million for Android?), Symbian sales are running at 300,000+ per day vs. 200,000/day on Android. Please show me the maths where a 100,000/day shortfall for Android makes up a difference of 340 million - a difference that is widening by that 100,000/day?

Furthermore, if you read the articles on AAS on Symbian vs. Android in the low end smartphone sector, we see clearly that Android simply can't compete due to fundamental architecture problems (i.e. basically unfixable). So Symbian will rule the entire low end for the forseeable future. And where is all the growth in smartphone sales - at the low end. And where is all the growth in mobile generally? The developing world (emerging markets). Which loves low end, and loves Nokia already (and where these places have smartphones already, they're all Symbian). So one can easily forsee a future where Symbian increases it's dominance to unimagined levels - gradually consuming the entire featurephone market bit by bit - and Android will always be trailing Symbian in this growth because Android can never run well on the cheaper hardware that Symbian can.

As for usability Symbian^3 is more than a match for Android, Symbian^4 will cement that further.

Finally, BADA is nowhere, and with few prospects. Yes some handsets will be launched, yes a few devs will offer a smidgen of support, but big sales? Sales to rival S40 or Symbian? Never going to happen, not even slightly close.