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Who the hell cares if Samsung releases Symbian devices or not?
With their crappy support of their recent Symbian devices, I am crying dry tears on this announcement to be honest. From a consumer point of view, it is utterly irrelevant that Samsung is dropping Symbian, since Symbian has always been best on the Nokias and Sony Ericssons anyway.

As for BADA, well who knows what is going to happen, it can go both ways. No doubt Samsung will try everything they can to make BADA a success. Just like Nokia, Samsung doesn't want to be a Google OEM of they can help it.

Whether SE will stop supporting Symbian is in no way confirmed. Their Vivaz has been quite a sales success and it is in fact a decent device. But of course their X10 Android line has also been a success, so who knows. Nothing is confirmed nor sure, yet. The jury is still out.

Actually, the only caveat for SE regarding their non-Android handsets, is their sporadic support for their Playnow Arena app store for their feature-phones and Symbian phones. If SE doesn't step up on that front (and the assumption that "apps" is so important as tech media would like you to believe), they might very well seal their fate as a Google/Microsoft OEM in the future, and hence the rest of the discussion is irrelevant. Is that a valid way to go for Sony Ericsson? Well, maybe or maybe not.

So, if Nokia ends up being the only manufacturer using the only true open-source OS, Symbian (and Meego)...well, so what? It is the only Symbian manufacturer who puts the necessary support (Ovi Store and other services) in Symbian anyways, and has by far the largest scale.