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Following the behind the scene discussions in the ecosystem, it has been clear that Samsung was not interested in making a device for Symbian^3.
They are definitely in a "Wait and see" mode, especially because so much is depending on Nokia for Symbian^4.
Looking at what is going on regarding the i8910 lately, I wrote a post:
Samsung i8910, an alternative to Nokia for Symbian^3? -

The poll has received quite much support with 974 votes, 950 in favor, at the time of this reply.
Some have even suggested that they are willing to pay to make that happen.

I've tried to contact Samsung representatives connected to the Symbian Foundation, but it has been quite difficult to engage with them.
It's a shame because it might not be such an investment to enable them to sell few more hundreds of thousand devices..

Heard a rumor the other day that Samsung was making an i8910+ that was running on Symbian^3, doubt so, but never know.