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I work for Nokia so cannot comment on future plans. However, I can say Nokia is committed to Symbian^3, and of course N8 is not the only product using Symbian^3. The N8 and all Symbian^3 products come with Qt built in, so you can run Qt apps. We have rolled this out to 5th edition too (the Orange Wednesday is a good example).

Those comments you mention for 'oops' moments, we a of course are very aware of and we are not looking to repeat them Symbian^3 has WDP which in day to day use means you have a lot of free RAM.

I genuinely believe people will be generally surprised with the N8 and other Symbian^3 devices. They are lovely devices and the N8 especially is the most amazing camera and video phone I have ever seen!


Kevin can you please comment on the price, 429 and why the N8 costs so much? Other retailers are selling the phone sim-free for less than this. Do you not feel you're being a bit greedy?

For example: It's 459 on Nokia France which works out at 382 - the French price includes their equivalent of VAT. It's 479 (399) on Nokia Germany and Nokia Netherlands, 469 (390) on Nokia Spain and Nokia Italy. How the hell can Nokia justify a mark up of 50 in the UK?

390 would be a fairer price. I can't see how Nokia expect to price the N8 at anything above 479/400 on the UK site and get away with it.