Thread: E72 v51 anyone?
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Well, I did an OTA update last night, the temptation was too great, as I always want the phone running on the latest FW. So far, everything seems to be fine, haven't encountered any problems at all - but then, I haven't done a phone restore from the memory card.

When I had the N97, and I did a FW upgrade, I always did a back up first, then restored from memory card after the FW update. THe one time I didn't do this, the phone worked far better, quicker and more responsively, so recently, all I back up is my contacts on the sim card, do the FW update, do a hard re-set, then I'm good to go.

THe problems with the E72 v51 are listed on Nokia Discussions Forum, there were two threads, see below:

Silver E72
FW: 052.005