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Question MP3-Player doesn't start anymore

Hello Community!
I'm new in here and Englisch is a foreign language to me. So please excuse small faults

Ok now here is my problem.
I've bought an Samsung i7110 Pilot (same software as the innov8) about a month ago. I like it very much and it worked well until today.

At first my MP3 player said something like general system fault when i tried to play an mp3. than i refreshed my library but my phone got stuck in this progress. so i swiched to the standby screen and turned the phone off.
But now the mp3 player simply doesn't start up anymore. it doesn't matter if I try to start it by the menu or if try to open a mp3 file with the file browser. the application loads up an then shuts down immedeatly.

now i don't know what to do.
Do you think I can fix it with your help or is it a warrenty case and i should send the phone back?

Thanks for all answers =)