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Hi guys! i have a boot problem also! i've tried everything and it hasnt work... last night my 5800 was working great, i was viewing my facebook, and then it showed the low battery mesage ("low battery, recharge"), and shut down... so i plug it and nothing, i even comfirm if it was the charger but it isn't, because it works ok in a N73...

Today, i have been looking in all kind of forums, and tried some of the suggestions:
- Turn it on without the SIM card and the SD memory.
- Do a reset holding the green and red call keys + camera capture key + then power key.
- Flip the sticks of the battery to the right, so that the battery does not move... it's seems to be a problem in several of this phones, based on what i've read.

I have tried everything! and the phone doesn's start!, it doesn't even vibrates when i try to turn it on...

I have the last firmware available v30..., i installed it last week... i have two month with my 5800, and already had a problem... one day it stopped sending any type of messages, i had to do a hard reset (*#7370#) to fix it and it works... now this!... please, i'll apreciate any help!... thanks!