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Originally Posted by darwin25275 View Post
Team - Good day to all and happy new year, I need your fruitful help for after updating my unit to v20. it is asking for memory card password. Do anyone from here knows how to crack it. I've tried 65000 and other numbers i 've read in this forum but to no avail. pls help me as per nokia care i need to format memorycard but i have a lot of stuff , important stuffs i need to recover first prior format. Kinly give some help. A million thanks to all. also for your time reading my post. Mine is Black version.
I have read the factory pin for the memory is 1234 (maybe also 12345 or 123456) I don t know exactly the counts of numbers but one of these 3 number series should work.
Hope i am right and haven t mixed up with the bluethooth confirmation pin.

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