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Question Question about Symbian app permissions

I guess this question would apply to all Symbian versions, but I'm asking it here since I own an N8 (previous list - N82 N73 N91 6630 7250i).

Much has been made about Android asking for app permissions when installing them.
On Symbian, I only saw this feature for Java apps, never for native apps. (It was inexplicably missing on 3rd Edition, but is present again on S^3).

So how come when you install a native SIS/SISX app, you just get a notification informing you about what all the app can access - with no control over what it can or cannot do?

What's to prevent someone from writing an app that monitors your incoming SMSes or uses GPS to find your location without asking you, i.e. for an app that does not otherwise require or advertise using these features?