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Questions for further discussion

Hi N/A!

Many thanks for your attention and reply. It was good to know that my Samsung I8910 HD Symbian smartphone is not in danger of being affected by viruses or any other malware or suffer any external hacking attacks when connected to the Internet and, therefore, that it is completely unnecessary to install a mobile Internet security suite. This can also save me the cost of the annual subscrption which I would otherwise have had to pay in order to keep the virus definitions of my online security software up to date.

However, reading your reply, the following points have unavoidably come to my mind and I would like to discuss them:

What does FWIW, in the very beginning of your reply, mean?

I have to tell you here that I quite often download a wide variety of digital stuff from the Internet to my cell phone including photographs, music, videos, e-books and games. Is it absolutely sure that I do not incur then any danger of downloading also a virus in this way? And what about all these companies which develop and sell anti-virus and firewall software for Symbian mobile phones, strongly advising their customers, like myself, to install them on their Symbian smartphones in order to protect them from viruses and other malware as well as from hacking attacks when they are connected to the Internet. Are all of them ordinary frauds who try to intimidate technologically ignorant people with lies about concocted fictional dangers in order to con them out of their money? Sorry, but I find it too hard to believe it!

Please forgive my technical ignorance but the following question has naturally occured to me: You say in your reply that I do not need the protection of a firewall as my Symbian smartphone cannot suffer an external hacking attack when it is online because, by default, it does not have any server applications, which wait for and accept external connections, installed on it. We all know, on the other hand, that a Windows PC is at an extremely great risk of external hacking attacks when it is connected to the Internet if it is not protected behind a firewall. And the question is: Do the various versions of the Windows operating system contain any such server applications which make them vulnerable to external hacking attacks in sharp contrast to the Symbian operating system which does not have?

As far as now the issue of protection in case of theft, loss or damage of my cell phone is concerned, thank you very much for all your very useful analytical advice about the management and use of the SIM card PINs and phone lock passwords. I am afraid though that they have very little practical protective value in everyday life for the simple reason that I always have my mobile phone on when I move out and about so that I can receive incoming calls and messages which, of course, means that both the telephone device as well as the SIM card have to be unlocked for this purpose. If, therefore, somebody violently grabs my phone and runs away, something which has unfortunately become a common everyday scene overhere nowdays, the damage will have been done as my smartphone and its personal and confidential contents will then be helplessly unprotected without an anti-theft piece of software.

You say nothing about parental control which is a component of many mobile security suites. Following your advice that mobile security software has essentially absolutely nothing to offer to me in practice and so it is nothing more than a waste of money and system resources, I will not install one and here is then the problem and the question. If I need software for parental control tasks, are there any self-standing applications which can solely and specifically perform the parental control function on my Samsung I8910 HD Symbian 5th edition v9.4 smartphone and if yes, could you please tell me their names as well as the name of the company which has developed them?

The same problem and therefore the same question also applies to the spam SMS/MMS and unwanted calls problem which is rapidly expanding and, in my humble opinion, will develop into a real trouble in the very near future. Spam SMS/MMS and unwanted calls blocking software is likewise a component of many mobile security suites but as, following your advice, I will not install such an entirely useless piece of software on my smartphone, I would again like to know whether there are any spam SMS/MMS and unwanted calls blocking self-standing applications for my Samsung I8910 HD Symbian 5th edition v9.4 smartphone and if yes, could you please, in this case again, let me know their names as well as the name of the company which has developed them?

A tool that could encrypt specific data on my phone would be indeed very useful to me. It could, for instance, create an encrypted folder where I could put certain files containing sensitive, strictly personal, confidential data and hide SMS or MMS messages from certain contacts as well as the names of these and any other contacts from the contacts list. Do you know any good such tools that could be installed and properly function on my Samsung I8910 HD Symbian 5th edition v9.4 mobile phone?

I would greatly appreciate a quick and detailed reply.