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Hi I'm a newbie to the forum, looks good!

I just purchased an N73 after much research into the latest camera phones, it was initially between the K800i and the N73 but the Nokia won basically because I've pretty much become brand loyal and also wanted to try Symbian so I can install TomTom rather than take my aging iPAQ around with me.

I liked the above mini review and I also have had my phone for a few days, I ordered it online from Vodafone on Sunday night... received no confirmation email so Monday morning called up to see if it had been processed and I got through unknowingly at the time to the Telesales dept who are separate to the online orders dept who informed me no order was present (of course there isn't as they can't check the ONLINE orders) so the girl was keen to place my order over the phone which turns out was a bit of a better deal as I was offered next day delivery for free and same contract as online:- 200xnet anytime + 250 texts + Stop the clock where you only pay for the first 3 minutes of any call made off peak which is great as these minutes can eat out of the inclusive minutes! Example you could talk for an hour a day off peak and over a typical month you would only have used 90 of the 200 inclusive minutes. All this for 12.50 for first 6 months then 25 for remaining 12 months (18 month contract). So as promised my N73 arrived before 10AM on the Tuesday!!

BUT yesterday I received another N73 (the one I had ordered online!!!) So I sent it back with the postman and called customer services to explain and cancelled the order properly! Hope I don't get stung somehow.

Anyway back to the phone: Love the phone so far, sharp screen, great camera, looks great and not heavy or too large and the stereo speakers are cool. Also one good thing is the FM radio can now play on loudspeaker (still have to have headphones plugged in for reception though). Tried out the Sky TV on the 3G Vodafone Live (free for 1 month) not bad but as I suspected it was just clips rather than any live shows. I won't continue after the month free trial.

Negatives of the phone/package:
- No miniSD included - though on research 2GB are available for around 40.
- One dead pixel (But not significant enough to warrant hassle of returning)
- I found the camera slider a little bit flimsy (try tapping the top of it and you will see what I mean - me being picky though)
-Major annoyance is that TomTom is not compatible with the Series 60 v3, well not yet anyway :(

Negatives regarding Vodafone:
- No inclusive data allowance (I would get I think 1MB or so with O2)
- No inclusive MMS messages like you get with O2

Overall very happy though as I received the handset for free and the contract is better than the current offerings from other networks plus when I bought the N73 no other networks had launched it!