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Negatives of the phone/package:
- One dead pixel (But not significant enough to warrant hassle of returning)
- I found the camera slider a little bit flimsy (try tapping the top of it and you will see what I mean - me being picky though)
-Major annoyance is that TomTom is not compatible with the Series 60 v3, well not yet anyway :(

Hi Glyn,

My thoughts on the above comments, are as follows:-

Dead Pixel - If it was me I would send it back for an exchange, as that dead pixel will annoy you more and more each day.

Camera Slider - My slider seems OK, but people in these forums have complained about various Nokia slider phones (both where keyboard and/or camera have a slider. It seems its the luck of the draw whether or not you get one that seems firmly attached to the handset. One final comment on sliders, is that the N73 one is so much better both in looks and function than the N70 slider. I always hated that one, and it was so easy for the N70 slider to open whilst in your pocket etc.

TomTom - I asked TomTom Support recently relating to Nokia N80 version of TomTom and was informed a new release of TT was planned in the near future. If the new release works on the N80 it's almost certainly going to work on the N73 also. Just imagine how good the navigation maps are going to look on the N73's high resolution and taller screen!