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Question How can I keep the light on and view my screensaver on my N95 while Charging?


I have looked high and low for an answer to this question.

I even bought 'Lights On' for my N95 by Tectronik and although that app keeps the lights on while charging, it actually disables the screensaver. I updated my phones firmware recently to the latest version (at the time) OS Version v31.0.017 16-12-08 RM-159, and although since then my phone is working a LOT better, this problem has arisen. I used to have 'lights on' installed on my phone a couple of firmware's ago and the screensaver would display no problem, but since the update, no joy!

I have written to the developers who created the 'Lights On' software and just confirmed that the app is indeed supposed to disable the screensaver.

All I want to do is look at all my fantastic clock screensavers that I have created and bought while my phone is charging on its dock at night!

I am really surprised at how difficult if not impossible this is to achieve!

Can anyone help?

I have also tried another app called 'Activefile' which can turn the lights on permanently, but that also appears to disable the screensaver!

If anyone out there has actually managed to do this with some other app, please tell me.

Thanks in advance,