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I'll try an answer all the questions to date:

1) Don't know about the sound quality of the N91 but what I can say is that the sound is excellent and the supplied headset is very good but I prefer the sound through the Bluetooth BH-503 Headset, it is a bit more mellow, probably because the treble is balanced by the better bass.
2) Don't know about the hardware 3D acceleration.
3) It plays back Video files no problem from Micro SD Cards I ripped a 1GB file from a DVD and it plays back smoothly (30fps at approx 1500 kbps) from the Micro SD card but it stutters when you move the same file to the internal Mass Storage Memory, move it back again to the SD and it is fine, early firmware or slow mass storage memory? I don't know.
4) You can close the Video file and application and then re-open an play from beginning or last position.
5) Navi wheel doesn't work, breath only
6) Screen rotation automatic OR manual
7) I had milky pictures the first few shots but I am not sure if the soft reset and formatting of the mass memory fixed it or if it was because I changed the default settings and then changed them back again. Check that your Video capture is set to max quality.
8) Chris I wasn't complaining about the Video capture/playback capability/resolution other than it works fine with Micro SD Cards but stutters from the Mass Storage and I have already tried formatting the Mass storage memory. I don't know about the N96 processor but what I do know is that it handles photos and videos faster than my E90 which on paper apparently has a fast processor.

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