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update 2

Ok - essentially, Opera 5 mini beta is just as poor as Opera 4 and I'm back to pretty much always using the built-in browser which is more stable (assuming I actually bother to take the i8910 with me anywhere these days).

I've deinstalled Opera5beta a few times, and essentially it is as I report above; for some 'minutes' of browsing, you get a 'decent' experience, then things go wrong, and it is only on a full deinstall and reinstall do you get some more hassle free minutes of use. Yes, beta is completely correct, but getting close to something good. Here's wishing the Opera developers well! I love the mobile version on my old WinMo handset, which I still use quite a bit of the time.

EDIT: 5 Nov 2009 - It looks like it has been out for a few days, but now I have dumped Opera 5 mini beta and now using Opera mobile 10 beta for Symbian (yes! mobile!). It installed ok on a newly flashed 'fresh' handset, and so far today, so good. Looks much improved! Well done Opera! Now to stop watching those YouTube reviews of the HTC HD2;... must,... save,... money... ! help!? :-)

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