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Just got an E73 Mode; A few questions.

I just bought a near-mint condition E73 Mode off of Craigslist for $40. After starting out with Windows Mobile, then Android (which I hated), then Windows Phone 7 (which i loved), then back to Windows Mobile, and now to Symbian for the first time.

I have most of the apps I want installed, IRC and Opera Mobile, but I am still trying to find a free SNES emulator and an SSH client.

I have a question concerning video chat, however: It appears Fring doesn't support Skype anymore, so is there any way for me to video chat with skype, google video, or facebook via wifi on my phone?

Also, in my contacts there's a "Video call" option on some of my contacts. I have an unlimited MMS/SMS plan with some voice calls, would I get dinged more money for doing a video call? (Specific plan is $15/mo Monthly4G on TMobile US)