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N8 (Belle): PIN code issue

I've never got around to enabling the PIN code feature on my N8 (now running Belle), but with a recent rush of security horror stories, I think it might be a good idea... (Just to be clear, I'm referring to the PIN code - i.e. to protect the lock-screen - rather than the security code, which I understand is something separate.)

When I go into Settings to enable a PIN code lock, the N8 appears to have a PIN code already set. I may have set one when I upgraded to Belle, but can't remember for certain (though I have a pretty good idea which one or two PIN numbers I might have used, if I did).

To compound the problem, when I try and enable the PIN lock, the N8 warns me ominously that this is my "final attempt" (I don't even remember the first two), and the phone will be locked if I get it wrong.

So, if I enable the PIN lock without being certain of the PIN number I may/may not have set (if you follow), I might lock myself out of my phone. I really want to set a PIN lock, but not if it ends up with me having to go to a Nokia Care Centre (with the effort/cost that entails) to get the phone back...

Any thoughts on how I can move forward safely here?

Many thanks, and sorry for having a bad memory

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