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These sorts of comparisons are meaningless as the specs are mostly not comparable which leads to subjective assessments like the 12 mp camera sensor over the 5mp one even when the camera industry is moving away from just packing more and more pixels on small sensors due to the issue with increasing digital noise (and anyway how many people print larger than A4 which a 5mp camera is more than capable of doing), the N8 winning a point for video playback due to the HDMI out even though it only has the low res YouTube, or the N8 winning on the updates due to "true" OTA, etc...

In the end the only real comparison is that of the user experience on the final products as a fancy 12mp sensor is useless if the software is rubbish, difficult to use, and keeps crashing all of the time. I hope this is not the case with the N8 and that Nokia will finally start releasing devices that have release ready firmware but after being stung by the N97 debacle I'm not holding my breath.