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No new UIQ3 models whatsoever is a little surprise

I understand that UIQ clearly has no long-term future, and that this means sooner or later there will be no more need for UIQ as a company.

But what surprises me is that there will be no more new UIQ3 phones reaching the market, not a single one. Both SE and Motorola had several UIQ3 phones in the development pipeline, some of them probably only a few months away from release, and both companies obviously decided to drop them all.

Why? Never mind Motorola which is a basket case anyway, but SE said they will stay with Symbian and switch to the new Foundation Symbian. As I see it, this will lead to a quite a long time without any new Symbian smartphone from SE. Why not fill this time with one or two new models, just to keep oneself in the focus of the public as a serious smartphone builder?

Does SE consider a long period without release of any new model the lesser evil than bringing almost fully-developped UIQ3 phones to market still? Is UIQ3 really that bad, at least in the eyes of SE? Or is there another reason, like totally strained developer resources, so that any further UIQ3 work, even in moderate amounts, would jeopardize the move to S60?

Or maybe this simply means that not quite the right people for the job at hand are managing SE...