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Originally Posted by rcadden View Post
From Samsung and HTC's new hardware to Windows Phone 7 to TAT's new Android homescreen to SPB's Mobile Shell 5, NOTHING is available right now. It's all at least a month or two away.

Nokia, who didn't shout about anything, really (save for MeeGo), could *easily* announce a phone next week at some private Nokia-only event and start shipping it a week later - much to the chagrin of the other companies that spent MILLIONS on their MWC presence.

Granted, history doesn't really indicate Nokia *will* do this, but the point is, they COULD.
So you're praising Nokia for something that it hasn't yet done, has never done in the past, and has given no indication it is going to do? That's... bizarre. Very, very bizarre.
Well, in that spirit, let me congratulate Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for single-handedly brokering a long-lasting peace deal in the Middle East. I know, it hasn't happened yet. But it COULD happen, right?