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The damage is done.

It doesn't matter how "successful" the N97 fiasco was for Nokia in terms of their margins and profit recuperation.

What does matter is that the problems with the N97, and the continuing issues with the equally buggy E72, has damaged the Nokia name with many prospective (and past) consumers, perhaps irreparably. It's damaged them on a Toyota-failing-brake-pads level.

In order to turn things around in the higher-end market, they're going to have to release a device so stellar, i.e. another 'Jesus Phone', that makes the Nexus One and the coming iPhone 4.0 look like yesterday's news. Not an easy job, IMO.

And if they don't do it by the end of this year, the company should probably remain satisfied in profiting from lower end handsets in emerging markets, because they can kiss more developed markets goodbye.