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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Right. Then this is pretty much what the new iPhone OS will do. Correct? So in terms of multi-tasking there is no discernible difference other than Apple decided to implement it when they felt the time was right rather than rushing a half-baked idea out the door. Either way, multi-tasking will be taken off the list for some of the Symbian zealots to knock Apple for.
Symbian is a fully multi-tasking OS and all programs are able to use that capability to the full extent.

iOS 4 is also a fully multi-tasking OS, but all third party apps are limited by the published API's so they cannot use the full power of that multi-tasking OS.

Background server programs in particular cannot be written for iOS by third parties, alls apps must have some kind of UI. Also, the kinds of background processing is limited to a couple of well/defined cases.

For most apps, games, this is not really a problem, though. There´s a huge gap between technical ability and economic sense, and Apple is trying to make economic sense, nor technical ability, their priority.