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Good point right up until the point you missed the bottom basement phones. Take out the developing world phones and leave only the smartphones and Nokia is serious trouble. Hell, the fact that you sell crap as well as smart phone crap still means that you sell crap regardless. Nokia would not be able to compete against Android, Apple, RIM or HTC if Nokia had to rely on phones like the N97.
1. They are not crap. They are full featured smartphones. They have WiFi, GPS, maps, 3.5G, web browsing, email etc and allow you to code your own software and run, and buy that software from a number of sources without constraint on what you do.

2. Why would you remove some markets and phones from the total just so the figures suit you argument better? Maybe we should remove all the phones that are locked into the vendors infrastructure and don't allow you to use them as you want when you have paid for them?