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Replacement for N86

I give up with the N86. It's just such a bug ridden piece of rubbish. It should be a good phone but just isn't. It's just decided to delete an email mailbox for no reason at all! Add to that the general stability problems - having to reset it sometimes 3 or 4 times in an hour. Resetting to original settings once every few weeks or a few months as it just becomes impossible to use it. I've had symbian phones for years and this has just been the worst phone I've ever had. I can't get the latest firmware but judging by comments on here it'll be no better. The E70 I had before was so much better reliability wise. The N86 has had 2 and it's still hopeless.

It's so annoying as the camera (when it works) takes really good photos and it's got the right form factor. When it is working properly it is really good but unfortunately most of the time it isn't.

Which symbian phones have good cameras (8mp) with flash, decent battery life and good messaging? Don't want touch screen only ones as I always use the keypad for texting. Needs good call quality too as this nokia isn't much cop at that either. Also use it for web browsing so that has to be reasonable.

I was looking at the samsung tocco as that had the features I wanted but it seems to be discontinued.

It took me ages to settle on this phone and it has been a total disappointment. Only had it a year but I really can't be bothered wrestling with it any more.

Other alternative is another messaging app for email and texts/MMS that is much more reliable. MMS hang and take ages to send and email is dead flaky. Email setup doesn't work properly either and it seems like the email app and messaging app aren't quite connected properly so the email app can 'lose' a mailbox that messaging thinks still exists. Messaging app replacement is last straw territory though.