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Originally Posted by Kilroy Murdoch View Post
Hmmm tricky one.

The E7 which is coming out soon has an 8MP camera on top of a physical slide-out QWERTY.

Though my personal recommendation would be the Nokia N82. I had this phone for 3 years and it was fantastic. It may only have a 5MP camera but the Xenon flash makes up for it. Can really take some good shots. It also has the physical Keypad you were looking for, though the keys are a bit fiddly. You get used to them.
I think a business class phone might be better. I don't think business users tolerate poor software in the way that consumers might. I'm wary of nokia now really as this phone has been so appalling that I'm considering never touching one of their products again!

A friend had an N82 and loved it. It went flaky at around 2 years old so again I'm not impressed with build quality and reliability.