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Originally Posted by Kilroy Murdoch View Post
I think you're right about the business class aspect.

Shame about your friends N8. I was running mine for 3 years. Around 2 years in it started to slow a bit due to all the apps I had installed. Decided to factory reset and it was back as new (software-wise) anyway...

I guess if you want to move away from Nokia then now would be the best time with the plethora of good choices out there. It seems as though you've just had bad luck with the phones you've had. Just assess your price point and features you're after...
It was the camera that died on the N82. Even factory reset wouldn't bring it back to life! They were gutted as it was the best phone they'd had. The N97 they've got now is a nightmare in comparison.

I spend ages checking reviews and have not bought quite a few that could have been even worse. I want a 6310i with t'internet and a decent camera! I think I gave up with the N86 and just bought it for the features as it had everything. Moments later CPW had withdrawn it because it was unreliable! Think they withdrew quite a few smartphones at the same time. Network operators interfering with phones is probably partly why this one has been less reliable. The E70 I bought sim free so it wasn't messed with so it was relatively ok.

Good camera, web/facebook, excellent messaging and decent battery life. Every single phone available should meet these basic needs but they all seem to struggle. Don't want an iphone as it's got a poor camera, poor battery life and no proper keyboard. Android phones have relatively poor cameras .I'm just left with Nokia and Samsung. Tried an LG viewty once. Nearly threw it against the wall in annoyance as it was so bad! Was very annoying as the LG chocolate I had was sort of ok apart from the dismal battery life.

The worst thing is you don't know a phone is pants until you try and live with it then you're stuck with it. I need to find somewhere that would let me try each one for a couple of days really. I usually crash most new phones within an afternoon...