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PC Suite sync problems on Vista PC


Phone: M600i
PC: HP Pavillion tablet PC - running Vista
Sync SW: Sony-Ericsson PC Suite for smartphones v1.3.19

Doing what: Trying to sync Outlook Calendar/Contact with Phone calendar and contacts.

My wifes M600i will simply not connect to her laptop running PC Suite v 1.3.19. Neither USB or Bluetooth work, (quite frankly not bothered with IR) when phone is Set in Phone mode (for syncing). However, when set in file transfer mode the phone connects fine. Alas the latter will not enable syncing, but file transfer only - missing the point of the exercise.

In both cases the phone acknowledges that a connection is being requested and asks me to tap in which mode of communication is to be used, but once phone mode is chosen the connection is dead.

Anybody infinitely wiser than I care to share their experience in the matter? Please?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I've reinstalled the PC Suite a couple of times, the USB/phone drivers as well - no luck

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