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Originally Posted by dvhttn View Post
Just done the same thing myself and seen this. On my phone, UK Black E71-1, I also have the SIM card code set. When the E71 powers up and asks me for the SIM code that goes in OK. It then asks me for the security code which it wouldn't accept at first, until I figured out what it was doing. Basically for the security code, you need to hit the 'function key' (page 14 of the user guide, the bottom left key) so that it recognises the next button press as a number and not the letter on the key. For example, hit the '7' key and it recognises it as a 'v', unless you hit the 'function key' first.

When you enter the SIM code there is no need to do this and I have no clue as to why you should now have to this a) for the security code and b) why it now asks for the security code! I thought it was something to do with me setting the remote lock facility and setting a new security code. Obviously not.

So does this work have you tried it yet on your phone khalidelmeknesi?

Also do you have to do this every time you turn the phone on?