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Not sure exactly what you're after - if it's the old 'Home Network' program that used to be on older N series phones (such as the N95) PC and phone that allowed you to share and control your files between PC and phone over a wireless network then you're out of luck I'm afraid.

However there are a number of possible programmes with different purposes that might do what you're after:

1) SymRDP is a complete remote desktop solution that gives presents you with a version of your PC's desktop and allows you to control your PC completely from your phone (via either your wifi router or your 3G network). It's a paid for app (approx 30) but there's a fully featured trial version you can test out.

2) SallingClicker lets you control Windows Media Player, iTunes (yuk!) or a Powerpoint presentation on your PC from your phone either via bluetooth or wifi. It's very well put together and if you effectively want a (rather fancy) remote control for your PC then this is a good option. It's also a paid for app, but is available as a free trial to test it out.

3) OviFiles is a free Nokia service that lets you access any files, pictures or media from your PC via your phone (or another PC) over the internet. You have to save the file to the phone before you can play/use it (ie you can't stream), but it's a pretty handy service to have (esp for free!)

There's bound to be lots more options and suggestions but these are a few things I've tried out and liked.