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I have to agree with at least part of the post that puts this down to the iPhone. Im not an Apple Fanboy, I didnt buy the original iPhone (it didnt impress me) but I was a Nokia user and I now own the iPhone 3Gs. While some may argue that the iPhone raised expectations for consumers others argue that this can not possible because Nokias phones had better camera/video recording/keyboard and more features before the iPhone was ever released. My view is that the iPhone did not raise expectations but it did change them. At the time when Apple was selling a cool and stylish smart(ish) phone that did what it did very well and was a direct replacement for many ipods, Nokia was selling the N96 as the flagship device. This turned in to a poor replacement for the brilliant N95. When Apple opened up the iPhone to direct downloading of apps, the best Nokia was offering was a download catalog folder that few people even new existed on their phones. When apple caught the attention of serious game developers, Nokia was still trying to make up its mind what to do with N-gage. I was a fan of the first Ngage and the concept behind the second offering but i still dont understand what they are doing with Ngage now. And while all this was going on google release Android, and Palm release the Pre. Nokia have made some great phones but they got lazy and lost their way. Hopefully this will be a wake up call and they will get back in the game.