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Originally Posted by Nyxmorph View Post
Switching your network mode to GSM instead of dual mode will always make a difference (as its not searching for a 3G signal which I believe is a big drain). But obviously you might not want to do this

Also having bluetooth not on obviously makes a difference.

Having your 'packet data' setting on 'When needed' and not on 'When available'.

Having your display brightness turned down.

Having the backlight go off after 10 seconds instead of 30 which mine seemed to be defaulted to.

Having the basic date/time screen saver kick in after 20 seconds or so rather than whatever its on.
Hold the Home key for a couple of seconds until the list of running tasks comes up; each one not only consumes memory, but also processor cycles. Having four of 5 programs running at once can drain a battery. Exit each one you don't need running (Standby and some resident processes like F-Secure AV can't be closed this way).

Aside from that, drain the battery all the way (until you can't turn it back on) then charge the phone while it's turned off all the way up to maximum. They say that Ni-MH batteries don't suffer from a "memory effect", but it's always good to do this every so often anyway. Keeps the battery in good condition.

The only other way you can extend battery life is by shifting some of the functions the device performs onto other items; using an iPod or other PMP for music, for example. Not ideal, but just another way of getting better life out of the battery!